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Bukharian Jewish Center of Kew Gardens Hills.

3/1/12 - Kehilat Sephardim presents our annual Purim Party. Click Here for more information.

3/1/12 - Kehilat Sephardim's weekly Father-Son Learning Program . Click Here for more information.

3/1/1 - Kehilat Sephardim presents our annual Chanukah Party. Click Here for more information.

The center provides religious, educational, cultural and social events for over 1200 community members and congregants of the synagogue. We support and promote educational programs in Russian, Bukharian, Hebrew and English languages. Furthermore, our services include delivery of meals to the less fortunate; home visits to the infirm and the elderly; marriage and family counseling; as well as supporting our troubled youth. We work closely together with our elected officials and various organizations to voice concerns and interests of our community.
Our food pantry serves 6000 people where volunteers give out more than 7000 food packages per month. Our educational programs include a community kollel (evening Torah study session) where interested individuals are more than welcome to join us in daily studies of Torah. Also, we have implemented a successful R&R enrichment program every Thursday evening where high school students mentor boys from 4th thru 6th grade.
With great success we have organized several get-together events such as Rosh Chodesh parties for the women, and Chanukah and Purim parties for the entire family. Once a month, on Motzei Shabbat, we hold a Couples Event devoted to parenting, relationship issues and other nurturing topics. We also hold an annual Chizuk Shabbaton where singles, couples, and families come together for an inspirational Shabbat filled with Torah learning and new insights into Judaism. Recently, we initiated a father and son learning program every Motzei Shabbat that has been a tremendous success.

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